Put your own (emotional) oxygen mask on first

By on 3rd December 2016

Liz Smith If you’ve ever travelled on a plane, you’ll be familiar with this. If it all goes horribly wrong and those oxygen masks descend from the ceiling, you’re supposed to fit your own before helping anyone else. This is


What’s the worst that can happen?

By on 24th November 2016

Simon Carter talks about the daily battles with his inner monologue Having an inner monologue that always thinks the worst is really tiresome. I call mine Cartman, because like the cartoon character, he’s loud, annoying and rarely adds anything useful


5 ways craft can improve your mental health

By on 21st November 2016

5 ways craft can improve your mental health – by Liz Smith I learned to knit and crochet last year at beginner classes at Baa Ram Ewe in Leeds, although I must confess that with one thing and another, I’ve


Digital Detox

By on 3rd November 2016

Do we really need a “digital detox”? by Liz Smith How much does technology really impact on our health and what can we do about it? Concern about the impact of technology on our lives, our minds, and our time

barefoot walking

Guest Blog – Bare Feet (a way of life)

By on 27th October 2016

We’re so happy to share this Guest Blog with you written by Stewart Bint. Stewart is a novelist, magazine columnist and Public Relations writer. An active awareness-raising campaigner for mental health and sepsis, Stewart is 60 years old an dis

The Amazing Benefits of Being Outdoors

The Amazing Benefits of Being Outdoors!

By on 13th June 2016

There are loads of amazing benefits to being out in nature and in this blog I’m going to explore some of them. We all know some of the benefits already but I’m also going to share with you some research

Wild Goose - Wild Yoga Day Retreat

Yoga: more than just poses

By on 11th May 2016

This month our blog is written by guest blogger Fiona Lines from fionayoga.net   Yoga: more than just poses We are aware of yoga only as a technique to gain physical strength, flexibility, or increased health. And indeed these are

Spring Blog - Wild Goose Wellbeing

My 3 Top Tips to a Spring of Wellbeing!

By on 13th April 2016

Spring has officially sprung! The daffodils are out, lambs are being born, you’ve eaten your weight in chocolate and the clocks have gone back! Yay for longer days! I LOVE this time of year. I wake up out of hibernation

Wild Goose - Secret to Relaxation

My secret to relaxation

By on 16th March 2016

I’ve got a secret! I know the ONE thing that you can do at home that will have tonnes of benefits on your life. This one thing will help you to: Relax and unwind whilst enjoying some time out, peace

barefoot walking

5 reasons to go barefoot!

By on 2nd March 2016

This week sees the start of our Barefoot Club. A monthly meet up in Yorkshire where we lose our shoes and socks and explore. We explore our physical location and the beautiful surroundings, but we also explore our senses, our